When considering Thailand as your next travel destination, one of the most important thing to keep in mind is to never overstay the visa you are holding otherwise you will face stiff penalties for violating your allowable length of stay in the Kingdom.

Defining visa overstay

Visa overstay happens when you are still staying in Thailand beyond the date when you are supposed to exit the country. Suppose you are allowed to stay in Thailand on August 20 but you have exceeded your stay in Thailand for a day, August 21, you are already considered as an overstaying alien.

Reasons behind overstaying one’s visa

The reasons behind visa overstays vary from person to person. Some may be intentional while others have simply overlooked the date they are supposed to leave Thailand.

Some chose to overstay their visa because they want to find work or are already working in the Kingdom. Still others would overstay their visa because they simply want to stay longer in Thailand.

Whatever the reason is, overstaying your visa should never be an option for you. If you have the intention to work in the country, you should go through the right process beginning with the appropriate and unexpired visa plus a work permit.

On the other hand, if you do not have the intention to find employment then you should be mindful of your visa’s date of expiry and or extension of stay, the controlling date of your stay in Thailand, which is of course your responsibility.

Consequences of visa overstay

Overstaying one’s visa can lead to a fine, imprisonment or both after which you will be deported back to your home country. Worse, you may even be declared as an undesirable alien something in which may have extensive complications such as your future trips to Thailand and to other international destinations.

In case you have overstayed, it would be beneficial if you would voluntarily submit yourself to Thai immigration to clear your name and avoid the stiff penalties that may be imposed upon you.

See the Thai 90-day Reporting Requirement page.


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