Thai 90-Day Nonimmigrant Visa

Foreigners wanting to enter Thailand for education, investment, business and retirement among other purposes may apply for and be granted with a 90-Day Nonimmigrant Visa.

This visa allows its holder to stay in Thailand for a total of 90 days with the possibility to extend it for seven (7) days. Furthermore, also depending on the purpose, its holder may also choose to extend his stay in the Kingdom for a full year by converting his 90-Day Nonimmigrant Visa to the appropriate visa.

Any aspiring individual must be eligible for this visa type by satisfying the following requirements:

  • PassportThe passport must be genuine and has at least six (6) months validity starting on the date of his arrival in Thailand.
  • Invitation LetterIf he was invited by an organization, this must be supported with an official invitation or confirmation letter issued by such group.
  • OthersProof of financial capacity is also needed, payment of embassy fee plus other pertinent documents as requested by the Royal Thai Embassy.

Thai 90-day Visa Application Process

The application process begins with the applicant truthfully filling up the application form and readying the required documents and have these submitted at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in his home country. He may lodge his application in person or by mail.

Part of the application process is paying the required embassy or consular fees in cash, check or even through credit card, it would be the applicant’s choice.

Now, the applicant may have had read an article online describing the number of days for the processing to be finished. In usual terms, the process may be done within five (5) to ten (10) business days. However, the length of time it takes for the application to be resolved would also depend on the embassy or consulate where it was submitted.