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Nonimmigrant Visa

A foreign individual who is planning to seek employment or to establish a business in Thailand must first apply for a Nonimmigrant “B” Visa, ideally, prior to his trip to the Kingdom.

Retirement Visa

When speaking of a Retirement Visa, we consider people who are fifty [50] years of age or older and conditionally allowed for a single stay of one [1] year extension in Thailand.

Marriage Visa

The visa, which is more formally known as One Year Extension of Stay based on Marriage, allows its holder to stay in Thailand for a year without the need to leave the country every 90 days.

Things to know about Thailand immigration

September 6, 2012
Thailand Retirement Visa

A retirement visa is available for people 50 or over and allow for a single stay of one year with an extension inside Thailand. Apply at any Thai consulate for a Non-immigrant Visa category O-A. This is a Non-O visa pre-approved for retirement. When applying, state the reason for the visa as "To plan for […]

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September 6, 2012
Thailand Visa Extensions

The generosity of Thailand in granting a foreigner with an appropriate visa should be reciprocated accordingly by avoiding any possibility of violating any immigration laws and rules of the Kingdom, one of which is through visa extensions. To extend an individual’s Thai visa, he must be holding a nonimmigrant visa and has to extend it […]

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Thailand Marriage Visa

The marriage visa is issued “only” to an individual who is currently and legally married to a Thai citizen although this is only the primary requirement since there are other prerequisites that he needs to fulfill.

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