Thailand Elite Visa Gold Membership

Applicants must select their preferred membership package. Upon full payment, they will receive their member ID and welcome letter. They will then be given instructions on obtaining their visa from the Thailand Elite member contact center at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport or Phuket International Airport.

The Thailand Elite Visa has lower processing times and less strenuous requirements than other visa options. However, there are still financial, employment and education requirements.


Applicants can choose from three membership packages with varying visa durations and privilege points. The Gold card offers a five-year stay, while the Platinum and Reserve cards present longer-term residency options.

Once the application process is complete, a welcome letter and member ID will be sent to the applicant via email. The applicant can then book a reservation to have the visa affixed at a Thailand Elite Agent.

After the visa is affixed, members can enjoy various benefits and services including airport concierge and priority immigration, yearly health checks, premium shopping and lounge access, and limo service. In addition, members can take advantage of a variety of investment opportunities and financial advisory services.

Unlike traditional visas, the Thailand Elite Visa has no age, income, or education requirements. However, the visa does require that members report to immigration every 90 days. To avoid overstaying penalties, members can request assistance from a personal liaison to handle the reporting for them.


As the most affordable option, Gold membership comes with a 5-year visa validity period and 20 privilege points per year. You can use these privileges for a variety of purposes, including co-working spaces, domestic flights with Bangkok Airways, premium shopping experiences, birthday gifts, insurance coverage, networking events and wealth advisory services.

You can also add family members to your membership for a little extra cost. This is a good choice for newcomers to Thailand who are looking for an easier way to solidify their long-term stay in the country.

The process of getting a Thailand Elite Visa is facilitated through a reputable General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA). They are authorized by the government to help you through every step of the application, from determining which membership package is best for you to submitting the required documents and applying for the visa. In addition, they will help you book your first visa affixation session. The process is a lot simpler than getting a regular Thai visa.


The lowest-tier card is the Silver membership package, which costs 900,000 THB. It allows members to stay in Thailand for five years and provides 20 privilege points per year.

Upon completing the application process, applicants receive a member ID and a Welcome letter via email directly from Thailand Elite. In addition, a representative from the Member Contact Center will arrange to have their visa affixed upon arrival.

Compared to other economic visa/residence programs, such as Portugal’s Golden Visa which requires a half-million-euro investment in real estate or Greece’s which requires a similar sum, the Thailand Elite Visa Gold Membership is a much more affordable option for those looking to make Thailand their home. Moreover, the program offers a longer visa validity than any other publicly available options. It is therefore an attractive option for digital nomads and retirees seeking to avoid visa runs. As such, the program is attracting an ever-growing number of affluent individuals.


Whether you’re looking to make Thailand your home or just want a simpler way to travel and engage with the country, Elite Gold Membership is a perfect choice. The program offers a unique long-term visa and premium perks, such as access to an Elite Personal Assistant who can handle government tasks like 90-day reports, eliminating the need for border runs and saving you time.

Once your criminal background check is cleared, you’ll receive an approval letter with instructions on how to pay the membership fee. The fee will vary depending on the package you choose. Once you’ve paid the membership fee, you can expect to receive a welcome letter and membership ID within 4-6 weeks.

Additional perks include expedited immigration and passport control processes through the premium lane upon arrival, annual health checkups, and 24/7 member services. You can also use your privilege points to book a variety of premium experiences and products.

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