Achieve Redefined Luxury With the Thailand Elite Visa Diamond Membership

Achieve redefined luxury with the Diamond Membership Package. This exclusive option offers a maximum 15-year stay with 55 privilege points annually.

Upon completion of the background check, applicants will receive payment instructions from Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.

They will then need to submit the required documents and pay the membership fee to complete their application process.

Platinum Membership

Harvey Law Group’s Thailand Immigration team is dedicated to determining the immigration solution that best fits your goals and resources. We carefully study each applicant’s background, assets and resources to find the solution that provides the most benefit and peace of mind.

After passing the background check, you will receive an approval letter from the Immigration Department. You will then pay the full membership fee directly to the Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive a welcome letter and membership ID within 1-2 weeks.

A prestigious lifestyle awaits with this premium membership, which offers a maximum 15-year stay and a bouquet of privileges designed to elevate your living experience in the Land of Smiles. This package is ideal for affluent individuals who seek to make Thailand their second home. Members also gain access to wealth and investment advisory services, exclusive networking events, special insurance packages, and hotel and chain fitness access. In addition, Gold Members will enjoy complimentary airport transfers and a personal Elite Personal Assistant upon arrival to expedite passport control procedures and help them get settled in Thailand.

Diamond Membership

The Diamond Membership is a premium package that offers a luxurious gateway into Thailand’s majestic landscapes, captivating cultures and vibrant urban life. This package provides a 5-year renewal visa and a bouquet of privileges to redefine luxury benchmarks. With 55 privilege points awarded each year, members can access everything from early bird tickets at concerts to networking opportunities and free domestic flights.

The package is also designed for families, with family member benefits that offer an even more dazzling experience. For 1.5 million baht per additional family member, members can gain access to the highest quality-of-life perks and a longer Thai Elite Visa.

To get started, applicants can submit their application form and supporting documents online or through a government-authorized General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA). Once the criminal background check is complete, an approval letter will be sent to the applicant along with instructions for membership payment. The first visa affixation booking can then be made by contacting the Member Contact Center.

Gold Membership

In addition to granting you a visa that is valid for five years, the Thailand Elite Visa Diamond membership comes with several other perks. These include a free roundtrip limousine service from the airport to your home or hotel, annual health checks and access to premium lounges and shopping privileges. In addition, members enjoy a wide range of leisure and entertainment benefits, such as VIP movie tickets and Thai boxing experiences.

Upon approval, you will be required to pay the full membership fee and submit financial documentation that shows your ability to support your extended stay in Thailand. A dedicated concierge will help you navigate the process, making sure all your documents are in order.

The most affordable option is the Gold Membership package, which offers a 5-year visa validity period and 20 privilege points for an upfront fee of 900,000 THB. You can also add family members for a fee of 2 million THB per person.

Silver Membership

The Thailand Privilege Visa program is a comprehensive privilege points-based system for accessing many exclusive benefits. It offers a variety of packages, with annual privilege point allowances varying by package type. All members also have access to healthcare services, a 24/7 member contact center, and more.

Applicants need to provide financial documentation that demonstrates their ability to sustain a long-term residency in Thailand. After submitting the required documents, they will undergo a background check, which typically takes around 4 weeks. Once approved, they will receive a letter of approval and an invoice.

The Gold Membership package is a great option for digital nomads who are looking to relocate to Thailand for a few years. It provides a visa validity period of up to five years and includes benefits such as airport transfers, yearly health checks, premium lounge access in shopping malls, and VIP seating. It also allows for free membership upgrades to the Diamond tier, which grants maximum benefits and virtually a lifetime membership.

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