Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership

The Thailand Elite Visa program offers a number of privileges to its members. These privileges include airport immigration fast track, limo services and more. The membership package and perks vary based on the type of package chosen by the applicant.

The application process is relatively quick and painless. Upon passing the background check, applicants will receive payment instructions and an approval letter from Thailand Elite Visa.


The Thailand Elite Visa program provides first-class privileges, benefits and conveniences to members who enjoy a premium lifestyle and want to live in Thailand long-term. Some of the key advantages include a wide range of services from 24/7 concierge to immigration fast track in major airports, limousine service and more based on membership packages.

The application process typically takes between 4-6 weeks and involves the submission of required documents as well as a background check. Once the background check is complete, the applicant will receive their approval letter and payment guide within 30 days.

For example, the Gold package offers a visa validity period of five years and comes with the following exclusive benefits: yearly health checks, premium lounge access in shopping malls, VIP seating, birthday gifts, participation in seasonal events and complimentary hotel nights. The most exclusive package, the Reserve Membership, grants an unparalleled 20-year residency in Thailand and comes with a hefty price tag.


The Thailand Elite Visa program has a variety of packages with varying visa validity periods and privilege points. The basic Gold membership package costs 900,000 THB and comes with a 5-year visa validity period and a wide range of exclusive benefits.

A premium Diamond membership option is also available, which provides an extra 55 privilege points and 15-year visa validity. This tier is ideal for digital nomads and retirees seeking to maximize their length of stay in Thailand.

Aside from the initial membership fee, members are also required to pay a one-time deposit for the visa that enables them to enjoy the program’s privileges. In addition, the membership card and visa require renewals every five years. Each renewal includes a pre-screening process to ensure that members meet the requirements for their selected tier. This is done to protect the integrity of the Thailand Elite Visa program and maintain its prestige. Aside from these renewals, members can transfer their membership to another family member or upgrade their membership for a higher tier for an additional fee.

Visa Requirements

The Thailand Elite Visa program is available to a limited number of applicants by invitation only due to its extensive range of top-tier privileges. As such, this is more than just a visa or an airport lounge pass with added immigration benefits; it’s an invitation to a life of luxury and exclusivity in Thailand.

Applicants for the Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership will undergo a pre-screening qualification process to ensure they meet the requirements for their chosen package. These include a minimum of one year of travel history and no record of overstaying in Thailand.

Once the background and criminal record checks are completed, members will receive their approval letter with instructions for submitting the membership fee. Once the payment is verified, members will be issued a welcome kit that includes their member card and passport sticker. The entire process takes approximately 6 to 10 weeks from submission of the required documents.

Application Process

The Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership combines the country’s resident visa with a card program that offers exclusive privileges and additional complimentary services. It offers a red-carpet treatment during the immigration process and passport control at airports along with special privileges at hotels, spas, restaurants, golf courses, co-working spaces and insurance coverage.

Applicants must provide a copy of their passport and complete the application form for their desired package. This is followed by a background check that typically takes 4 to 6 weeks, after which the applicant will receive a letter of approval from Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd.

Once the application is approved, a welcome letter and membership ID will be sent via email directly from the company. Then, members can schedule an appointment to get their visa affixed at the Thailand Elite Member Service Centre within five days of their arrival in the country. The process usually takes around an hour. The affixed visa is valid for one year.

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