Thailand Elite Visa Platinum Membership

The Platinum membership level offers the best benefits of the Thailand Elite Visa program. This includes a 5-year multiple-entry visa and 120 privilege points to freely leverage.

The membership fee for this package is THB 2.5 million (VAT included). This option can be upgraded from the Elite Ultimate Privilege or Elite Family Premium packages.


Designed for those seeking the pinnacle of Thai living experiences, Platinum Membership offers a curated lifestyle complemented with refined choices and unparalleled benefits. This package grants a visa for a duration of up to 10 years and 55 privilege points to freely leverage for travel, dining, wealth, leisure and health & wellness.

Upon approval, you will receive a Welcome Letter and Membership Number. Your GSSA will then guide you through the process of obtaining your Thailand Elite Visa. This may involve an appointment at a Thai airport or at the nearest Thai Embassy/Consulate to have your new visa affixed into your passport.

Upon arrival in Thailand, you will be greeted by an Elite staff member at the plane door and escorted to the premium lane of immigration. You will then be able to enjoy all the perks of your membership, including priority immigration services and limo service. Annual health checkups and personal accident insurance are also included in your package.


The Gold Membership is a great option for anyone looking to gain long-term residency in Thailand. It offers a variety of perks, including immigration fast-track service at the airport, limousine services, and more. Moreover, you can upgrade to Gold from Elite Easy Access without paying any extra fees.

Once you have chosen your package, you need to submit all required documents and information. This includes a completed application form, signed and duly filled-out Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) form, copies of your passport, and two passport-sized photos. You also need to pay a membership fee.

You will receive your member ID via an email from Thailand Elite. This allows you to book an appointment at a designated location to have your visa affixed. This can be done at the airport or Thai embassy abroad. Afterward, you can enjoy the benefits of your package, such as free annual health checks, access to golf and spas, premium lounge access at shopping malls, VIP seating, and more.


The Thailand Elite Visa Platinum Membership offers a number of benefits that enhance the experience and convenience of living in Thailand. These include premium real estate access, business and networking opportunities, insurance coverage, and wealth advisory services.

The application procedure for the Platinum Membership is a bit more extensive than that of the Gold package, and it requires more documentation and information. The application also includes a more detailed background check, which can take 4 to 6 weeks. Once the application is submitted, a GSSA will review it and ensure all of the necessary documents are included.

For individuals looking to maximize their length of stay in Thailand, the Diamond membership is a great option. The package allows members to stay in Thailand for up to ten years and comes with 55 privilege points per year, which can be used for travel, dining, wealth advisory, and health & wellness benefits. The package also includes priority immigration services, which make it easy to enter and leave the country.


The Thailand Elite Visa Platinum Membership presents a suite of perks for the discerning global citizen who wants to make Thailand their home. It offers a 10-year visa duration and 35 privilege points for an upfront fee of 1.5 million THB, with family members able to join at a lower rate.

Benefits include an expedited immigration and passport control procedure through the premium lane upon arrival, complimentary VIP airport greeting and escort by Elite Personal Assistants, roundtrip limousine service from the airport to their location, annual health checkups, personal accident insurance coverage, and 24/7 member contact center access for specialized support.

Unlike other similar residency programs that require extensive paperwork and a waiting period, the Elite Visa program is easy to apply for. A background check is conducted to verify the applicant’s identity and legal travel status, with a letter of approval typically received within four weeks. This allows members to bypass the usual visa complexities and begin living their Thailand dream sooner.

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