Visa Re-Entry Permits in Thailand

A visa re-entry permit in Thailand is needed when a person who has  Thailand as his temporary place of residence through an extension of stay but is planning to exit the Kingdom on a short travel abroad. Exiting without the re-entry permit in Thailand invalidates his extension of stay which would require him to re-apply for another nonimmigrant visa in order to gain entry to the Kingdom again then proceed with an application for a new extension of stay and so this is something that he must pay close attention to.

The re-entry permit in Thailand should be obtained prior to the extension of stay-holder’s exit from Thailand at the following venues:

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport – Immigration Section Counter
  • Thai Immigration at Suan Pluh, Bangkok
  • Other immigration checkpoints

There are two options available for re-entry permit applicants, the single entry and the multiple entry.

The multiple entry is more expensive at 3,800 Baht but it is much more advantageous over the single entry which is at 1,000 Baht especially for those who are not sure if they would exit Thailand only once.

And to apply, the applicant would need to submit the following:

  • A fully and truthfully accomplished TM-8 Form
  • The applicable fee
  • Photo (2 inches in size)
  • Signed photocopies of the applicant’s passport pages containing “permit to stay”, “date of last entry to Thailand” and “identification” of the applicant.
  • Photocopy of Departure Card TM. 6

The applicant may choose to apply personally or through an authorized agent of his (with letter of attorney).

The whole application process can even be finished within a day though the applicant must make sure to have all the necessary documents and the exact amount with him.

A visa re-entry permit in Thailand is sometimes called a ‘one way permits’. A person who has  Thailand as his temporary place of residence through an extension of stay but is planning to exit the Kingdom on a short travel abroad needs to apply for one way permit from the Immigration Department. This kind of permit is also known as “welcome back”, or “departure” visa


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14 replies on “Visa Re-Entry Permits in Thailand”

Please clarify. I have a retirement OA 1 year visa, and multiple entry visa.
If I leave Thailand for a trip, and then return, the 90 reporting requirement starts again from the date I re-enter Thailand, correct?
Thank you.

Hi Roderick,

Yes, that is correct. Just make sure you have a visa re-entry permit stamped on your passport before leaving Thailand. Otherwise, your OA visa will be void.

Hi! I am Mexican Citizen with a tourist Visa single entry, I am traveling to Vietnam from Bangkok and then come back to take my flight to India. Do I need to apply for a re entry visa? I just need to take my other flight. They were book in different time therefore it is not a connecting flight.

I came to Thailand to do my DM and I have my flight book to India but I got a good deal to flight to Vietnam and Cambodia and don’t want to lose my flight to India I changed the date so I am flying to Vietnam and fly back to take my original flight to India. Do I need to get a re entry visa? I won’t leave the airport but I think I need to check in for my Bangkok flight to India.

You will need a visa if you wish to enter Thailand. If you will be returning to Thailand after your trip from another country within the period of your visa validity, you may apply for a re-entry permit. This will allow you to keep your visa valid until the date of its expiration.

Hi, I am here as a dependent to my husband on a non-immigrant O multiple entry Visa. If I leave the country before 90 days, do I still need to get a reentry permit seeing that my Visa is for multiple entry?

Your visa allows you to make multiple (unlimited) trips to Thailand without the need to apply for any re-entry permit; hence, the name. When you leave and re-enter Thailand, you will be permitted to stay inside the country for another 90 days.

I have a 1 year visa OA multiple…issued in sweden..
I am confused about the reentry permit..
1… do i need reentry stamp before i leave Thailand with this visa?
2.. If i need.. and get a multiple reentry stamp…can i then leave and come as i want without new stamp everytime before leaving Thailand?

If you have a multiple entry O-A visa, then you are no longer required to obtain a re-entry permit before leaving Thailand. You will need to check the visa attached to your passport. Under the NO. OF ENTRY section, if it indicates “M”, then this means your visa is a multiple entry visa​​.

The first time you enter Thailand with your multiple entry O-A visa, you will be given an entry stamp for ​1 year​. ​If you exit Thailand within the 1-year period indicated in the entry stamp, all your succeeding re-entries will be for a 1-year period.

Please take note that you if you exit Thailand during the last 1-year entry stamp you receive prior to the “ENTER BEFORE” date, you will need a re-entry permit to be able to use the same entry stamp.

Thank you for your answer! But I am not sure I understand the last part. Can you explain this again?

In the visa issued to you, there is an “ENTER BEFORE” date specified. If you enter Thailand again on the day prior the date specified, you will get a stamp for another year of stay which essentially gives you a total of 2 years on your current visa. If you want to exit ​the country during the last 1-year ​stamp on your passport, you need to apply for a re-entry permit (single or multiple) so you can use the same stamp for the entire year.

A question about address.

When I apply for my OA visa I had a booking at an apartment hotel and said their address in the formular. Now this is changed. I will stay in my girlfriends house which she rent.

Do I have to report my change of address to someone? If so, when? Can I wait to my 90-days report? What do I need for proof of staying at the address? Do my girlfriend have to do something?

You will need to ​report to the local immigration office about your change in address during your 90-day report. You will need to bring your passport, proof of address and accomplish the 90-day reporting form at the immigration office.


I am staying residence ED visa in Thailand. I wanna travel to Laos by train. So I wanna know, can I get re-entry permit at Nong Khai immigration? Please let me know.

Kindly get in touch with their office for information about obtaining a re-entry permit.

Nong Khai Immigration Office
Phone: 0-4241-1605, 0-4242-0242
Fax: 0-4241-1605
Email: [email protected]

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