Non Immigrant Thai Visa

Non-immigrant visas are intended for people planning to stay a long time in Thailand, either for work ('B' visa), family ('O' visa) or retirement ('O-A' visa). Non-immigrant visas are either single-entry or multiple-entry. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for more information about your Thailand visa options.

Single-Entry Visa – A single-entry visa is valid for three months from the date of issue and allows a stay for a single period of up to 90 days, after which you must depart.  This may be extended at a local Immigration checkpoint for a further 30 days for 1,900 baht. A further visit will require a new visa, which can only be obtained outside Thailand.  The cost of a single-entry visa is $50.

Multiple-Entry Visa – A multiple-entry visa is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and allows you to enter Thailand on as many occasions as required for stays of up to 90 days each (unless it is extended into an O-A visa) within the validity of the visa.  To apply for a non-immigrant visa, you must have one of the following reasons to apply: business or conference; research; mass media; missionary; teaching and education; family reunion; settlement after retirement; or medical treatment.

When the 90-day stamp you received at Immigration when crossing the border into Thailand has expired, you must leave Thailand. However, a trip outside of Thailand to any border is sufficient and you can return to Thailand immediately and get a further 90-day stamp. Because it is a multi-entry type, this procedure can continue throughout the validity of the visa (usually one year). The start date of the validity is when the visa is inserted in your passport at the Thai consulate abroad. It is not the date of first entry into Thailand.

The first 90 days of a Multiple-Entry Visa will start with a date stamp in your passport upon arrival in Thailand. Each entry's expiry date (89 days later) can be extended at an Immigration office in Thailand for 30 days at a cost of 1,900 baht, although most people choose to do visa runs (see a later section). If you make your last entry into Thailand immediately before your one-year multi-entry visa expires, you will actually get one year plus 90 days plus another 30-day extension in Thailand for 1,900 baht—nearly 16 months from when the visa was first issued in your passport.  A multi-entry non-immigrant visa does not allow you to stay in Thailand for one year, a very common misunderstand¬ing. It only allows you to visit Thailand multiple times within a one-year period, with stays of up to 90 days.  You must leave Thailand after each 90-day period.

Only a retirement extension, or a spousal extension, allows you to stay in Thailand for one year, and is only available in Thailand as an addition to an 'O' visa (thus turning it into an 'O-A' visa). The cost of a multiple-entry visa is $125.

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