Thai 90-Day Reporting

Every foreigner with extended stay in Thailand (holders of thai multiple entry visa, thai retirement visa, and other long-term visas) need to report with the Thai immigration authorities every 90 days.

The filing process is relatively easy but nonetheless very important since the failure to do so would mean a violation of the Thai immigration laws.

The 90-day Reporting Process

In doing a 90 day reporting, the foreigner may be able to do so by:

  • Making a personal appearance at an immigration office.
  • Authorizing another party to make the report on his behalf, or
  • Sending the notification through registered mail.

Also, reporting does not need to be on the 90th day itself. The individual can report 15 days prior the expiration of the 90 days or even 7 days after. The reporting alien must also remember that his first application for an extension of stay is also an equivalent to his notification of him staying in Thailand for 90 days.

Where to file the 90-day reporting?

The individual can choose on which immigration office in Thailand to file his notification.

In Bangkok, he may also choose to file at the Immigration Division 1 Office in Chaengwattana Rd., Laksi, Bangkok.

If he is working with an industry covered by the Immigration Act, Petroleum Act, Board of Investment Act and Industrial Estate Authority Act, he may report at the visa extension unit at Chamchuree Square Building, Phatumwan also in Bangkok.

If he is a national of Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar and is under special labor who is residing in Bangkok then he may also report at the office in Major Hollywood Susawad or the one at Imperial Ladproaw.1

90-day Reporting Through Registered Mail

When choosing to notify the Thai immigration authorities through registered mail, he should submit the following:

  • Photocopy of his passport particularly those pages:
    1. That bear his full name, passport number and other pertinent personal information.
    2. Where his current visa was stamped.
    3. Last entry stamp done by the immigration.
    4. His last visa extension.
  • Photocopy of his departure card TM. 6
  • Previous notifications
  • Fully filled up and signed notification form TM 47.
  • Envelope with 10 Baht stamp and return address where the immigration officer can send back a portion of the form TM. 47.

These documents must be sent at least 15 days before the date of renewal to ensure that they would arrive at the immigration office on time. Also, the foreigner must keep the receipt of the registered mail as a precaution in case of lost mail.

Important Things to Remember

The foreigner should not equate his notification of the immigration office every 90 days as a visa extension process as these two are completely different things.

See the Thai visa extension page.

If he violated Thai immigration laws by failing to notify the office within the prescribed period, the fine would be 2,000 Baht and 4,000 Baht if he got arrested.


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I would like to ask about the 90 days notification in Thailand. I went back to my country and also done re-entry permit in Thailand. Therefore, for doing 90 days of notification is started from the day i came back to Thailand. Is it correct? When i went to the immigration office for transfer my old passport to new passport, they clip previous notification of 90 days slip, so i would like to know that am i need to start counting the date in the slip or just count the date from the re-entry date on which i come back to Thailand. I am worried that the next time when i am going to notify my 90 days report, it will be in overdue. Could you please help me to answer my question. Thank you.


Yes, the day you came back from your travel also serves as the visa reporting. Just follow the date stamped on your passport page. You should do the reporting 5 days before the 90-day cycle. Always remember this because sometimes you got confused especially when you forget the date and confused with the paper clipped on the passport page.

I have been living in Thailand with my Thai wife and her family for many years with annual retirement visa. I am from the Uk and need to spend (family reasons) 3 or 4 months each year in the UK. Normally when visiting the UK i get a single re-entry permit as i have only stayed for a few weeks. To be able to stay in the UK for +3 months would a Multi Re-Entry visa allow this so long as i am back in time to renew my Retirement visa. My Baht800,000 would remain in my Thai Bank Account.
Thank you

The multi re-entry permit allows you to travel in and out numerous times from Thailand to UK within the duration of your retirement visa. If you plan to travel more often, we suggest to get a multi re-entry permit. But if you only intend to travel once and be back before your retirement visa expires, the single entry permit is sufficient.

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